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Luxury villas with names to match.

Heritage County villas in bangalore, located at Sarjapur, close to Electronics City and Whitefield, and the Outer Ring Road too, weave a rich tapestry of Spanish flavours beginning with the name.

  • Villa Catalunya
  • Villa Valencia
  • Villa Galicia
  • Villa Aragon
  • Villa Canary

With names like this, one can't help but be transported to some magical, mysterious yet delightful place that is reminiscent of a fairy tale. Greenery, space, luxury, and amenities that are fit for royalty. Yes, we at Heritage County believe that luxury doesn't have to come at a price. Our villas for sale in bangalore don't just spell class and elegance, but are affordable as well.

With apartments in high rises costing the same (and in some cases more than a villa) as a villa, we at Heritage County give to you, your very own home that has been designed keeping your lifestyle in mind. Spanish-style independent villas in Bangalore surrounded by themed parks , tree-lined avenues, jogging tracks and a fantastic club among other facilities, give a whole new meaning to the phrase, 'well lived'.

Sensitive & Sensible villas that go beyond the brief

Some of the criteria that sets Heritage County villas apart are:

  • Location close to NH7 on Sarjapur Road in Bangalore, it's proximity to IT giants such as Wipro and Infosys, besides being within minutes of Electronics City and Whitefield, helps add precious time to your life. Bye-bye traffic!
  • Amenities? Loaded Heritage County villas are accompanied by truly international class club house, jogging tracks, cricket pitches, table tennis and basketball play areas, swimming pool and lots more.
  • Smart and eco-friendly infrastructure management Rain water harvesting, sewage and garbage management facilities ensure that Heritage County is a place that you can be truly proud of.

With the first 35 villas in bangalore of the 326 villas ready for possession from June, Heritage County is poised to come alive. A safe and secure haven for those who value their privacy and yet would like to belong to a community of like-minded people, our villas are light-filled and airy, spacious and elegant.

So which one will it be Catalunya, Valencia, Galicia, Canary or Aragon? While you mull over it, we'd be delighted to show you around and help you make up your mind. Give us a call on 9019667799 and we'll be at your service. Visit for more details.